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The ancient Origin

Shefki Hoxha Shefki Hysa belongs to an old patriot family settled in Konispol, Shales in the 18-th century, perhaps in the period of the Muslim influence in the region, since it is considered as one of the first seven founding families of Shales village, according to the popular memory. AS we can see, it was a rich family, who lived caring for livestock and agriculture, owns several timber, pasture and cropland, therefore they can be considered as real patriots and they were ready to be sacrificed to protect their homeland, La Patrie - Tchameri, from the separatory intentions of Greek invasion.

The grandfather of Shefki, the well-known patriot Shefki Hoxha (they were religious for generations and that's why they were called "Hoxha"), is known as one of the founders of the first patriots' clubs of Konispol, Filat, as a donor of the first schools in the Albanian region Ēamėri (Konispol, Filat and Gumenicė), and as a tough critic of any power, such as Turkish and following the royal power of Zog The I-st . In the early 20-s, Shefki Hoxha was famous as a democrat, a great adherent of Noli and his reformist government, regardless of the fact that its properties could be affected. This was one of the reasons why he was imprisoned by the regime of Zog I. The popular poet of the region sang:

"Telegrams come and go, / gendarmes raise custody, / a rebellion was spoken for, / when the Tchameri King denied, / deny Ahmet his majesty. / In Shales took Shefki, / Konispol, Maze Hami / and also Xhafo Pandalejmoni "…

Shefki Hoxha fell ill in prison in Lezha and died in 1936, because of unbearable pain of imprisonment.

The father of Shefki Hysa, Mazar, has been persecuted as anti-dictatorship, although their home in Shales was an important war support. In 1960 Mazar was fired from Education, because of his brother nationalist Sadedin, shot without trial by the Communists on November 13 of 1943 at the Partisan hospital of Theollogos. So, their family was involved in the blind mechanism of the war classes, which seriously affected even Shefki, after the death of his father, Mazar, in 1976. Mazar Hysa, the father of Shefki Hysa, left this world with the bitter taste of this life. Shefki has managed to survive thanks to the genes inherited from the grandparents.